RIVERBAY --  2012 Chatham Fourth of July Parade

The showers came to an end early on the morning of July 4th  allowing  the Riverbay “Century of Cars”  motorcade and accompanying flag/banner holders and walkers to roll and stroll down Main Street in the historic  annual Independence Day Parade celebrating the Chatham 300th.  The Riverbay entry was the  1st to step out in the 20th Century division of the parade.  

Our planned 11-vehicle entry (and then adjusted to 10) was designed to reflect the change of the Cape economy based on fishing and farming to tourism.  And, how did all those tourists and visitors get to the Cape?  Well, mostly by car, of course.  A few came by rail early on but train service to Chatham was of short duration.  The Riverbay "Century of Cars" motorcade was planned with a car from each decade from the 1900 thru the 1990’s to reflect  the theme of this year’s parade: “Chatham thru the years,  A living history”.

“Friends of Riverbay” David/Susan Morgan and Ross Gould, were scheduled to provide cars for the 1st two decades of the 20th century.  However, a few setbacks occurred—see BEHIND THE SCENES below—for the scoop on that.  Cars representing the 1920’s thru 1990’s, all with Riverbay owners, looked terrific and represented a wide spectrum of vehicle makes and models.   Car owners have been invited to bring their parade vehicles to the Riverbay Association Picnic  on the 4th of August.  A sincere thank you is extended to the Morgans, Ross Gould, all of our Riverbay flag holders/walkers, Riverbay residents/car owners/passengers and our out-of –town visitors for their participation in the Chatham 4th of July Parade  this year.  Why not come and take a closer look at the parade cars next month at the Riverbay Annual Picnic on August 4th  ---and/or---VIEW  most of them right here.[Parade photos: courtesy of Christie Turner and Hal Knapp]


Walkers & Parade Flag/Banner Holders  Dale Eckerman, Bonnie & John Hausner, Ron Holmes , Ann Marie & Roy Johansen  and Ann Reydel

Oooh, a new side to Mr. Eckerman

-- Riverbay's own '30's gangsta.....


Planned and then last minute adjusted list of

Riverbay “Car-a-van” Owners and Drivers

Leader of the Pack:  ’28  Ford Model “A”  pick-up--Tom Geagan owner; 

                     Ted Whittaker, driver, and co-pilot Roger Sullivan

1900-10    1909 Model “T” Mother-in Law" roadster-David Morgan “Friend of


1910-19    1919 Model “T” Open Touring Car--Ross Gould “Friend of Riverbay”

1920-29     1928 Ford Model “A”  Phaeton---Tom Geagan

1930-39     1931 Ford Model "A" Coupe (with rumble seat)---Jim Buckley  

1940-49     1949  Willys  Jeepste--Hal Knapp 

1950-59     1955  Packard Caribbean (convertible)--Jon Elmendorf 

1960-69     1966  Oldsmobile Toronado--Diane Elmendorf 

1970-79     1972  Oldsmobile Cutlass (convertible)--Mike McPherson, owner;

                       Jeff Lanctot, driver

1980-89     1987  Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC--Doug Barnes  

1990-99     1990 Buick Reatta (sports coupe-convertible)--Peter Cocolis

Parade Passengers   Hopping aboard from near and far,

“Prez” Jan Whittaker (of course), Susan & Brianna Morgan, Roger Sullivan (Dennis), David Morgano (Cohasset), Barbara Geagan, Audrey (our esteemed  Association Treasurer) &  husband Bill Gray, Alex Gamache with cousins Jason and Ally (Chicago), Carol Knapp, the Vaughn bro ( Alec and Evan), the Reuter family--Karen, Jeff, Kristin, Johnny, Megan (Scottsdale, AZ),  Peter [“Obama”], John [“Clinton”] and Paul [“ ‘W’ Bush”] Malaguti [all of Andove], Debbie Barnes, Anouche Longerstaey, and Allie Cocolis.

 And, now the BEHIND THE SCENES story....


Plans for the motorcade to stage at Park Avenue had a less than auspicious start. Our first decade of the century vehicle---a 1909 Model “T” Mother-in-Law” coupe, owned by David Morgan, “Friend of Riverbay”---experienced  battery problems and was not able to be our #1 period car.  With the help of Ross Gould, master mechanic, the ’09 “T” was up and running  later and came along as the last vehicle in the parade--just ahead of the  town police cruisers.  Our plaanned # 2 vehicle, a  1919 Model “T” Open Touring car—belonging to Ross Gould, also a “Friend of Riverbay”-- was pulled out  because of weather concerns and a recent upholstery redo.  However,  Ross  later saved-the-day by  taking charge of the ’09 ”T”,  getting it back on the road, albeit  later than planned, allowing the “T” making it thru the parade as the very last auto.  Then to top it off, Ted Whittaker’s “Doc”, a recalcitrant 1931 Model A pick-up originally owned by Carroll “Doc” Keene (local and well know Chatham physician for over 50 years), had a prolonged sync opal event that morning, but happily  showed signs of recovery by July 5th.  Fortunately, Tom Geagan had mobilized his ’28  “A” pick-up truck  and Ted was able to appropriate  “Old Blue” to lead the Riverbay motorcade.  The  line-up at Park Ave. that morning  was a little frenetic but the motorcade made it down to Wilkey Way, our assigned staging area.  Based on our location, we were able to watch the parade entries from the “earlier” centuries.  Then, out of the gate we rolled and strolled as the 20th century  parade division opened up.  It was quite the time for all of our participants—the car owners, drivers and passengers—from Riverbay, Chatham, and our out-of-town visitor passengers.  Do you wish that you had hopped aboard......





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