2012 Riverbay Celebratory  Picnic


About  80 residents and guests, including 6 children,  attended the Riverbay Picnic on August 4th, a hot and sunny  Saturday afternoon.  This year marked  Riverbay’s 50th Anniversary; a limited review of  “historical” records” revealed that building had begun in earnest in Riverbay Estates in 1962, so that became our point at which to start counting. 

The Park” truly came alive last month--check out these photos and see for yourself.  The ”Park” looked quite  festive with tables covered with white table cloths set with “locally grown” and smartly arranged bouquets by Riverbay gardeners.  The 3 flower beds at Park Ave.  also added a lovely backdrop to the outdoor picnic  setting.

Special thanks are extended to Picnic Planning Committee members Jean Zilliox, Ann Reydel, and Christie Turner , who planned and organized this very nice neighborhood event.  There were many “helpers” who helped to make our pot-luck picnic a success.  The Association provided  the roast chicken entrée but all the appetizers, side dishes and dessert were contributed by attendees.  The sweet finale to the evening : a super-sized  sweet treat---the  Riverbay 50th Birthday Cake.  And, how large was that birthday cake??  See here-- big enough to require four [4] former Riverbay presidents [L t R]---Sal Gionfriddo, Bob Hughes, Tom Patton,  Roberta “Bert Shupe along with current prez, Jan Whittaker (center),  to cut it and serve it. And, how quickly the kids, along with a few adults, lined up to get a piece.  

A  good  number of volunteer “ helpers” ** (see below)  gave time and/or muscle power  to help with picnic registration, set-up, and clean-up.  Special recognition is given to our “table crew” who had to put in place and remove the picnic infrastructure the same day.  With the assistance of Judy Chesley, the First Congregational Church of Chatham was kind enough to allow the Association to borrow their church hall tables.  And, we used 20+ tables of differing  sizes for the picnic. Tom Geagan with his trusty trailer did a terrific solo job in picking up the first round of tables with Board members Eric Hartell and Tom Patton helping on Part II of table duty.  Following the picnic, all the tables had to be returned  to the Church that evening and another crew, including Tom Ela, Andrew McClennen , Tom Patton,  Ted Whittaker and Jack Zilliox handled that with ease and laughter.

Other volunteers included Nancy Rafferty who  held court at the Registration table,, with Betsy Stevens, Pat Carden, Rosemarie Fischer, Ruth Lund, Laurie Messner, Ann Reydel, Vera Russo, Christie Turner, and Jan Whittaker providing “locally grown” flowers for all of the party tables.  Picnic set-up and clean-up support was extensive and helpers included Pat and Mike Barry, Suzanne Burley, Trish and Tom Ela, Rosemarie Fischer, Laurie Messner, Ann Reydel, Vera Russo, Tom Patton, Christie Turner, Jan & Ted Whittaker, and Jean & Jack Zilliox.  Special thanks to Ken Travis for doing trash disposal duty—it was amazing how many bags could be squeezed into his 2-seater convertible


There were many “helping hands” at the Picnic with some residents pitching in spontaneously, so your names may not have been included above.  If I missed listing your name, any omission by the prez is unintentional. Again, the Riverbay Association Board extends a hearty thank you to everyone who attended and helped at this year’s picnic.  It was a big success and we look forward to seeing 100 + of you next year at our “Picnic-in-the-Park”.  So, in ’13, be there or be square.


Your prez—for a few more weeks!




Jan Wbittaker,  President





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